Collection: NaRoKnit - Hand dyeing

All yarns in this category have been dyed by me using a special technique. The colors I use are specific for this purpose and allow me to achieve a unique result for each of your creations!

No two balls of this yarn will ever be identical, even if they were dyed in the same batch, so when knitting a large garment, such as a sweater or cardigan, it is recommended to knit with two balls at once, alternating them every two rows for a more uniform result.

For my hand dyeings I have chosen yarns of different compositions as a basis. Their common feature, the quality, is excellent in all cases: they are completely skin-friendly and have all the wonderful properties of a natural product: regulation of body temperature, comfort and high absorbency.

You can buy one of the ready-dyed yarns available in the shop or order the color and quantity you need. Delivery times vary as follows:

- to go: The yarns will be shipped within 1-2 working days after the order.

- to dye: The yarns are dyed after the order is placed and the production time is approximately 6-8 working days.

NaRoKnit - Handfärbungen